Bast is one of the oldest known deities, the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) Goddess of cats, dawn, civilization, home, bounty, plenty, enlightenment, art, music, dance, creation, birth, fertility, sex, physical pleasure, lesbians, truth, hemp, marijuana, drugs, the Moon, and the rising Sun.

Bast was sometimes connected with Het Heret (Hathor), Skhmet, and Tefnut (Tefnwt).

    Daughter of Mwt (also Mut) and (also Amonor Amen; daughter of  Asar(Osiris) and Aset (Isis) and twin sister of Heru Sa Aset (Horus); and daughter of Ra (also Re) and sister of Dhjuti (Thoth), Sekhmet, Seshat, Het Heret (Hathor), and Ma’at.

    Twin sister of Sekhmet and creators/destroyers of time and space. See Cosmic Organ. Bast was a goddess of Lower Egypt and Sekhmet was a goddess of Upper Egypt and joining the two goddesses mirrors the Pharaoh. The connection between Sekhmet and Het Heret (Hathor) is a stronger connection than the connection between Sekhmet and Bast.


    In the Roman Empire Bast was viewed as the sexual partner of every God and Goddess.

    Wife of Ptah and mother of Maahes; wife of Ra (also Re); and wife of Heru (Horus).

    Mother of Nefertem. Many ancient Egyptian goddesses were mother of Nefertem.

    Associated by the Greeks with Artemis, that is, the Greeks believed that Bast and Artemis were the same Goddess.

    Considered by the Greeks to be the same Goddess as the Roman Diana.

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