Step 1 – Give thanks to the Creator; hold the intention of gratitude and love in both heart and mind before initiating the smoking session.
Step 2 – Inhale a puff of smoke and retain in lungs in a relaxed manner.chapel logo
Step 3 – While savoring this sacred breath, witness the euphoric ‘high’ as it enters the lungs and steadily engulfs the body paying particular attention to heartfelt love and gratitude.
Step 4 – Exhale while remaining focused on your observation of the high state now present in the body and mind. Let thoughts continue to slip away to the point that only awareness of gratitude and love remains.
Step 5 – Knowing that the Cannabis consciousness ‘high’ is a sacred tradition utilized as a catalyst of communion with all creation providing an opportunity for boundless spiritual enlightenment, tranquilly continue your focus on gratitude and love recognizing the ‘high’ will become greatly amplified as you proceed with your smoking session.

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